Our Approach


Our comprehensive, individualized, holistic program emphasizes students’ strengths, provides opportunities to shine, and targets specific areas of need from a 360-degree perspective:


Assist students in developing social thinking, social interpretation and effective communication skills so they may enjoy a life of meaningful friendships/relationships, become effective self-advocates and contribute to the communities in which they live.


Identify and leverage students’ strengths to help remediate targeted areas of academic difficulty.


Improve development of the central nervous system through movement and physical skills to enhance learning, body awareness, and enjoyment of physical activities.


Help students expand areas of self-mastery and self-understanding, leading to self-reliance, self-confidence, resilience, and positive self-esteem.

Star Academy provides a comprehensive, intensive, highly specialized academic and social communication program for students with learning differences within a calm, supportive, happy, environment.  We deliberately create and maintain this environment to reduce stress, enhance students' learning potential, provide a positive school experience, and assist students in their development of friendships and other positive relationships.


Interwoven into each student's program is a combination of:

  • Classroom based academic instruction provided by experienced, credentialed special education teachers

  • Intensive one-on-one and small group skill development supported by our broad spectrum of highly trained on-sight specialists

  • Electives designed for leadership development, creative expression, and social communication

  • Daily PE

  • Daily music or fine arts with opportunities to showcase artistic skills

  • Numerous school wide and classroom based social activities, theme days and other flights of fancy where students can enjoy time with friends and simply have fun

  • Field trips and other activities that provide fresh air and offer other experiential hands-on learning opportunities

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Star academy is a Common Sense participating school.


Star Academy is a fully  accredited WASC a private and non-public school.