The students of Star Academy have been invited to sing the National Anthem at the Thursday, August 27th San Francisco Giants game. The game is at 12:45 against the Chicago Cubs.



Thank you for helping this very special event happen: Music teacher Julie Nicholas for working so hard to teach the song (and history of the song) to our students, PE teacher Jesse Haskins for his connections, Dad & Board Member John La Porta for shooting and editing the audition video, former Star parent Joan Ryan for pulling Giants strings and, most of all, the kids of Star Academy who encouraged us to keep working toward scoring an invitation by asking us "Did we win?" almost daily.

Singing students who wish to stay for the game will need a game ticket. There is a very limited number of tickets available through Star for which staff and students whose parents will not be attending will get priority. WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND SECURING TICKETS ON YOUR OWN IF FAMILY MEMBERS WANT TO BE THERE FOR THIS VERY SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY. Cubs fans travel well and try to "take over" ballparks so get your tickets as soon as you can!


Please fill out this form so we can plan early as communication over the summer can be difficult. This form DOES NOT commit you to anything. We just want to get an idea of how many kids will be going with Star and with their families. A final paper form similar to this will be going home by the end of May so families have time to plan, too.


Just a guess... no commitments!

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