Grades 4-12

Star Academy Education

Our Program

Experiencing daily success is central to the philosophy of Star Academy. Star is a place where students learn to recognize and develop their competence, and where parents and their children can feel hope about the future.
Star Academy’s comprehensive individualized program focuses on the whole student by emphasizing strengths and building self-esteem; helping students to develop self-mastery and resilience; targeting and addressing specific learning challenges; and attending to social and emotional growth and self-advocacy.
Students are taught to understand their own challenges and to advocate for their needs.  On average, students are ready to move on to a more independent educational program after three years, so we ready students for transition so that they are well-prepared for the next step in their journey.

Program Features

  • A calm and supportive environment which is highly conducive to learning, and where students are nurtured, challenged, and encouraged.
  • Small class sizes with just 6-12 students per homeroom class.
  • A team of highly trained teachers and specialists who work together to meet the needs of each student.
  • Embedded specialists who work with students one-on-one, in small group sessions and in the classroom, collaborating with classroom teachers to provide a full spectrum of multi-sensory methodologies and hands-on learning techniques that are proven effective for students with learning differences.
  • Occupational therapists work with students in the classroom to help students regulate during class time to maximize learning.
  • A modified curriculum individualized for each student’s needs and based on California Content Standards.
  • An array of assistive technologies that support student learning at all grade levels.

Star’s school day runs from 8:30 am-3:00 pm each day for all grades.  Our extended school year includes 200 days of instruction from mid-August through mid-July, with 12 weeks of vacation and holidays throughout the year. 

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  • Visual and Performing Arts

    Visual and performing arts are an integral part of our program. From third grade through tenth grade, students participate in art classes twice a week. Art is an elective in high school. Students learn drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, collage and mixed-media art, creating their own pieces which are often displayed throughout the school and at various local institutions such as the Marin County Fair and Redwood Café.  Students also learn art history and about individual artists and the types of work they do.
    Students participate in music and drama, which overlap and result in numerous individual and group vocal, instrumental, musical and theatrical performances throughout the year. The focus of the music program is helping students improve their auditory discrimination skills and learn artistic interpretation and evaluation. Music from all over the world is covered, and we strive to impart an appreciation for different types of music. All students are encouraged to participate in the school-wide musical and theatrical productions, whether they are on stage, backstage or part of the tech team.
  • Physical Education

    PE is offered every day to all classes in grades 3-10.  After sophomore year of high school PE is an elective that the students can choose to participate in. Students begin with warm-up and stretching exercises and then learn and participate in a variety of sports such as basketball, kickball, volleyball and other fitness activities. The emphasis is on both fun, fitness with a teamwork and social skills overlay, as well as learning how to develop lifelong healthy habits in relation to nutrition and physical health.