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Star Academy is a fully accredited high school. It is specially designed for students with learning differences. Students earn their High School Diploma or Letter of Completion, depending on course work completed, and prepare for college, vocational interests or other worthy pursuits.


Star Academy offers high school students a safe haven where they can fully enjoy their high school experience. Here students receive focused individualized attention and support, participate fully in electives, arts enrichment and extracurricular activities, enjoy social events of all kinds including community outings, dances and the all important high school prom, and much more.


For many graduating students, Star Academy is the vehicle that got them through high school and the gateway to their post high school dreams. Graduating students go on to two and four year colleges, vocational programs, full and part time work and other worthy pursuits depending on their interests, abilities and aspirations.

Program Structure and Schedule

The High School at Star Academy is a small school within a big program. The high school consists of approximately 35 students occupying four homeroom classrooms. Each homeroom has 7-12 students. Students break into smaller groups for their classes, based on learning style, processing speed and level of subject matter competency. All high school students come together for social activities, lunch, PE, field trips and electives. Students manage their own schedules, no two of which are the same. Throughout the day, students visit specialists in language arts, math, speech & language, OT, social skills groups and more, based on their individual needs. During this time, students receive one-on-one support from a specialist or work with a small group of other students (2-3) and the specialist. Students also select from a range of electives weekly (electives change quarterly), and participate in PE.

Star Academy High School Diploma Requirements


Our philosophy is that all students should be working toward their high school diploma if possible, and we support students fully to help make this possible. Star Academy is Fully Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges WASC). (WASC accreditation is important as it impacts students' access to colleges and universities, as well as career opportunities). Students graduating from Star Academy receive a High School Diploma or a Certificate of Completion. Diploma students have demonstrated proficiency in the courses required by Star Academy for this degree.


These requirements include

For Funded Students:

Students who are fully funded by their school district must meet all requirements of their school district and/or Star Academy. Transcripts will be submitted each semester to the student’s district, and the Director of Education and case manager will monitor transcripts to ensure that the student meets his or her district’s graduation requirements. The diploma will be issued by the student’s district and/or Star Academy.


For Private Pay Students:

All private pay students must complete 220 credits in the areas outlined below. In addition, they must create a document detailing disability awareness and needed support to be successful in future education, vocational and living skill settings.

Star Academy High School Graduation Credit Requirements 

Total Credits Required: 220-230

*indicates courses that may be taken more than one time and courses that qualify as electives

Certificate of Completion

For students who are unable to demonstrate proficiency in the courses required for a Star Academy High School diploma, we offer a Certificate of Completion. A letter of completion means the student attended all 4 years of high school and participated in classes appropriate for his/her individual transition needs. Students who receive a Certificate of Completion at Star Academy participate fully in the High School graduation ceremony and activities along with all the other graduating students. 


Course Accommodations vs. Modifications

Student Accommodations for Academic Work; many of our students require academic accommodations to complete their work and demonstrate proficiency in the course. These accommodations may include extended time on tests, quiet work environments, use of a calculator or computer, and others. Accommodations are made every day as part of Star’s program and are generously provided as needed.


Course Modifications

About half the students at Star Academy take regular education classes with accommodations, the other half take modified classes. Students who are unable to master the minimum required content of a general education course or complete assignments at a passing level of proficiency may either take the general education course with a modified standing* or enroll in the many special education classes offered at Star Academy. Students may still enroll in most two-year colleges having taken modified regular education classes and/or special education classes in high school.


*Modified standing is DIFFERENT from an accommodation. It simply means the level of proficiency required to pass the course has been reduced to a level achievable by the student, regardless of the level. An accommodation on the other hand, means the student has been given support of some kind (due to a disability, handicap, etc) so that they may complete the required tasks demonstrating proficiency.



High school electives change each semester and, unlike extracurricular activities, involve ONLY high school students.

Examples of past electives include:


  • Vocational Exploration

  • Career skills

  • Independent Living Skills

  • Digital Arts

  • Mobile Maker Class

  • Garage Band

  • Physical Education

  • Music & Drama

  • Studio Art

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Star academy is a Common Sense participating school.


Star Academy is a fully  accredited WASC a private and non-public school.