Community Overview


We consider our community to be both our Star Academy school community as well as our larger Bay Area community encompassing persons with learning differences, their families and the professionals who support them.


Our Star Academy community is a wonderful close-knit school community comprised of Star Academy students, parents, families, staff, alumni, and friends.  It is characterized by a collective sense of purpose and compassion. It exists within a school environment that is "happy," "joyful," "calm," "safe" and" totally supportive" in the words of our parents and students. This vibrant, involved community works together to put on a full calendar of school events and activities each year. Throughout the year, alumni return to participate in our Bay Area special education events and activities.


Our Bay Area learning differences community is a growing and evolving community who are coming together to gain information about learning differences, share resources, and provide moral support for one another.  Star Academy works to help foster this community by providing a central meeting place for community education, networking, and cross-school student social activities. We also offer expert resources to support students who attend other schools through our afterschool clinic and enrichment programs, which are now open to the public.


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Star academy is a Common Sense participating school.


Star Academy is a fully  accredited WASC a private and non-public school.