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Star supports a close relationship with students’ families, alumni and the community.


Head of School, Sheila Reilly, hosts an informal chat several times a year. All Star parents are welcome. Come and meet other parents over coffee and treats. It’s not always easy raising a child with learning differences, and it’s great to know that you’re not alone. We’re a resourceful and welcoming group. Please join us.



Star Academy parents are a hidden asset of the school. Most parents are:


  • Close, supportive and in contact with one another on a regular basis

  • Knowledgeable about learning difference (LD) issues, aware of LD resources, and involved with various LD organizations. Information, support and resources are shared generously.

  • Hard working, committed, well organized and effective in supporting Star Academy students and the school.

  • Star Academy families are expected to volunteer a minimum of 30 hours per year to support the school. Many families volunteer a great deal more than what is expected.



The bonds of friendship and support formed among parents while at Star are strong and long lasting. Many parents remain actively involved in the school community long after their child moves on. Parent resource group meetings, active sharing of information and resources through the parent list serv, and participation in volunteer activities to support the students and the school provide meaningful purpose and nourish a strong sense of community spirit.


Students forge strong bonds with one another as well. Many learn to make their first friends while at Star, thanks in part to the nurturing support they receive from their teachers and specialists. It is not surprising that student alumni return often for a visit.


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Star academy is a Common Sense participating school.


Star Academy is a fully  accredited WASC a private and non-public school.