Playground Safety

On August 18, 2014, we cut the ribbon on our brand new play structure. The students were given safety instructions via a special video produced by, directed by, edited by and starring Star staff. Enjoy!










Physical Education


Physical Education classes at Star Academy provide movement, fitness and sport education. Our students learn the skills to actively participate in sports such as basketball, yoga, volleyball, bowling, softball, badminton, tennis, golf, dance and movement, and soccer. Goals for our students include building an appreciation and passion for lifetime movement and activity.

Creative Arts


Students participate daily in creative arts - Art, Music/Drama, or digital arts. Music classes focus on singing, music appreciation, instrumental instruction and rhythm.


Private instruction in instrumental music is available after school (guitar, bass, drums, recorder, and others)


Students in the high school take art classes 2-3 times per week. These classes vary by term and grade level and include such things as drawing and painting, sculpture, ceramic arts, and more. Students learn about famous artists and styles of painting and then produce individual works of art consistent with that style. From time to time these student masterpieces are entered into art competitions.

Performing Arts


Drama productions are primarily all school musical theater events. Students have the opportunity to share the stage with students of all ages as well as support productions behind the scenes as part of the technical team. Support for memorizing lines is amply given. Students who have difficulty with memorizing lines are provided with visual aids. This supportive approach makes it possible for students to fully participate worry free of embarrassing moments and attracts students to the stage who might otherwise avoid it.


Digital Arts


Digital arts include filmmaking, website design, photography and photo-editing as well as other digital arts. Not all are offered at the same time, but rather rotate based on student interests. The focus of these classes is developing students’ communication skills and styles of expression using written and spoken words, drawings, photos and video images, music and sound effects, and other communication tools. Students work together in groups and create their projects from beginning to end – in the case of a film, this includes creating the concept, writing the script, acting it out, filming it, editing the film, inputting transitions and sound effects and finally presenting the finished product (the short film) in a screening to their peers. The entire process helps students not only develop technical skills, but also develop group work and social communication skills, organization and time management skills and many other skills.

Extra-curricular Program


Star Academy provides an active extra-curricular sports program. We offer Basketball, Volleyball and Dodgeball teams, which participate in the Bay Area After School Small School League. We also offer a running/cross country club that generates strong participation.

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