Transition Planning Workshop

Saturday, May 19, 2018 

10am to 1pm at Star Academy

Designed for parents of students with special needs at all grade levels but especially those of middle and high school students and recent graduates.

Are you prepared for your student’s transition to postsecondary and adult life? Do you know what your young adult will do after high school? Does your child have the independence skills to manage on a daily basis? Who will support your young adult over the long term? Whether your child is a freshman or senior, planning ahead can help smooth the postsecondary transition from high school to postsecondary and adult life.
This seminar style workshop will provide valuable information for parents of transitioning students with special needs.

  • Fostering independence skills

  • Identifying fitting postsecondary programs

  • Understanding public benefits

  • Developing each young adult’s support team

About the presenter:

Mary Hurlbut is a Transition Specialist with over ten years of experience working with students with learning disabilities, autism, and special needs. She specializes in supporting families and students as they navigate the postsecondary transition. She partners with corporations, small businesses, educational institutions, and community organizations to help design inclusive environments and programs.

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