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Star Academy is committed to providing Star parents, alumni parents and the larger community with up-to-date information in areas of greatest interest to those who have or serve children with learning differences. Our Speaker Series features well-respected professionals who share their knowledge and experience in a variety of subjects throughout the school year.
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  • Conservatorships Explained - December 2023

    December 2023
    Presenter: Alexis Lynch, Attorney

    Conservatorship is an important step for families of a child with special needs transitioning into adulthood. In order to maintain the legal rights to make important decisions such as your child’s residence, medical treatment and education after age 18, you must be appointed conservator by a judge. This workshop will provide an overview of what conservatorship entails and the steps necessary for being appointed a conservator through the local courts.

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  • ADHD/Autism and Movement - November 2023

    Nicole Lewis, one of Star's Speech-Language Pathologists, addressed the crucial link between fitness and motivation for students with learning differences. Presented on November 9,2023.

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  • Diploma vs Certificate: What's the Difference? - October 2023

    October 19, 2023
    Presenter: Sheila Reilly, Star Academy Head of School

    Sheila breaks down the difference between earning a Non-A through G diploma and a Certificate of Completion - both offered by Star Academy.
    The path a student takes determines the step right after high school graduation.

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  • Disabilities, Diagnoses, and Labels

    November 17, 2020
    Presenter: Jennifer Taylor, JD

    Raising resilient children who know how to advocate for themselves and function in a world that was not created for their unique way of seeing it can create anxiety for us and for them. Parents have a responsibility to provide a safe space to discuss diagnoses and labels in an authentic way. 
    This workshop will provide a framework, specific talking points and methods to best have these conversations.

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  • Family Dynamics

    Tuesday, February 11, 2020
    Presenter: Jennifer Taylor, JD

    Jennifer returned to Star to speak to parents about balancing their lives when they have at least one child with Learning Differences. She stresses self-care, nurturing relationships with ALL of the children, and gives tips on stress relief.

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  • Planning for Life After High School

    Friday, Oct 11, 2019
    Presenter: Sheila Reilly, Star Academy Head of School

    It's never too early to begin planning for what comes after high school for our students with learning differences. Sheila will present all the options including Star innovative high school program as well as all other options. Decisions made now can affect the opportunities presented later.

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  • The Perils of Puberty

    Friday, October 9, 2020
    Presenter: Erica Monasterio, MN, FNP

    Erica joined us for the fourth time to help guide parents of students with learning differences guide their children through the perils of puberty.

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