Caps & Gowns Delivered

Lisa Keene
Four members of the admin team made a surprise special delivery to our to 2020 graduates.
Graduation during a pandemic wasn't something our two Class of 2020 graduates dreamed about or planned. Spending the last few months of their senior year sequestered in their homes wasn't what they had in mind.

Star wanted to make graduation special so we hatched a plan: on Tuesday, May 26th - three days before graduation day - Head of School, Sheila Reilly; Director of Curriculum & Instruction, Claudia Thompson; Administrative Assistant, Danielle Danio; and Communication Coordinator, Lisa Keene, caravanned to Erin and Sam’s homes to surprise them with caps and gowns to wear on Friday. Both had to be pulled away from their classes on Zoom to make their appearances.

Congratulations, Sam and Erin!