Star Adapted

Lisa Keene
Despite the challenges of COVID-19 and distance learning, Star quickly adapted.
Our educational program and students barely missed a beat. 
In March, with a quickly changing situation for schools in California and throughout the country, Star Academy had just days to figure out how to move to distance learning with both faculty and students at home. On Wednesday, March 11 administration began to assess what faculty and students needed (computers, online access, resource materials, etc.) and by Monday morning, online classes began. 
Although we all prefer being together on Star’s campus, everyone has made the best of an uncertain situation and learning has continued. Students have regular schedules with their teachers, as well as getting specialist services in small groups and one-on-one. 
In addition to the educational program, the community has also maintained social ties with a weekly student Zoom hang-out, a virtual talent show, a virtual fundraiser (Lobster Feed: Home Edition), virtual graduation, parent Happy Hour and more. 
Watch this short video to see just a few ways that Star has adapted and blossomed over the last three months.