Hybrid Learning

Sheila Reilly
On Monday, October 5, Star began welcoming back students to campus.
Approximately 70% of our elementary and middle school and 55% of our high school students are back on-site, two days per week.
It was very impressive how readily the students, of all ages, followed the health and safety protocols by wearing their masks, washing hands and working hard to remain physically distanced.  After the initial hour or so we all clicked into the rhythm of our new normal and it felt, surprisingly, normal!  Several staff shared how good it felt to be back and that sentiment was absolutely palpable throughout the school. 
In every corner of campus there was evidence of our on-site and at-home learners interacting and working together.  Our high school Science teacher, John McLaughlin, was conducting Science experiments outside pairing up at-home learners and on-site learners into teams. Every classroom had the faces of our at-home learners on screens in the front and sometimes also in the back of the classroom so they could contribute  and meaningfully be part of the conversations and classwork. Some Specialists delivered sessions virtually (we are doing our best to limit staff working with more than one cohort) and others were in the class.  We have successfully made the shift to teaching two audiences simultaneously work, and it is a great feeling.